What is Workflow Automation, Really? First in a Series of “What Do They Mean?” Tech Term Breakdowns

You know you’re a tech geek when you see technology in the most unlikely of places.

I was flipping through the cable channels the other day and caught a few minutes of “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure,” the Pee Wee Herman movie Tim Burton made right before he did Batman. I watched the scene right when he wakes up and clicks the switch on this giant Rube Goldberg machine with pulleys and rolling marbles that ultimately wound up making his breakfast while he brushed his teeth. Continue reading

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Wouldn’t It be Nice….A Trekkie Rant on Databases

Maybe I’m spoiled because we’re in the “information age,” but sometimes the right information is difficult to find. Continue reading

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Just What is ‘The Cloud,’ Anyway? Expert Reveals Basics of Cloud Computing

I love it when people come up with esoteric terms for simple concepts.

Now, sometimes it can be done to elevate something simple, the way Roseanne Barr used the term “Domestic Engineer” to define her role as a housewife. Other times, it is done to make something seem more magical than it really is. This is a perfect description of computing on “The Cloud.”
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Apple, Verizon – Touch Your Gloves and Come Out Fighting! Why Apple May Enter the Wireless Service Business

When it comes to doing the unthinkable and making people think, “Why didn’t someone do that before?” — Apple is the best of the best.

Back in the mid-1990s, the music industry scoffed at the idea that the Internet would ever have an impact on its business. Less than 10 years later, they were suing college coeds for downloading REM songs from shareware sites. Record labels were sweating as sorority sisters were loading up their iPods with torrents of dance music for free.

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Smart Homes: How Tech Can Make Your House Really Cool

You’re at the airport for the early morning flight, and even though you got up, packed, got to the airport and made it through security, you’re not really awake yet.

Then it hits — did you remember to turn the stove off? And shut the garage door? And lock the back door?

Well, instead of making a panicked call at 7 a.m. to a neighbor, or getting a ticket for a later flight, there is new tech available today that will allow you to take care of all those tasks right from your smartphone.

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Hey, Remember the PC? No, They Aren’t Dead Yet, and They Are Making a Comeback

It’s starting to get a little ridiculous.

You have your smartphone, your laptop, your Kindle, your tablet and way back in the closet, you might be hiding a big ‘ol tower for your old PC. Don’t toss it, yet, though. The PC is making a comeback, and you might just find it will come in handy.
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How Much Does Tech Influence Your Life? Turn It All Off For a Day and Find Out

When I dive into a new project for a client, I have a tendency to be a bit myopic.

I’ll focus all my energy into the architecture and the code, and before I know it, it’s many hours later, and my voicemail is full and my inbox is overflowing. I’ve been getting better about that, but it still gets me to thinking if what I do by accident from time to time is something I should be doing on purpose once in a while.
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When Tech Breaks Down. What To Do To Make Sure Your Message Gets Through

Listening to oldies is like taking a peek into a time capsule.

From the tech perspective, I’ll listen to a song like that old Fifth Dimension classic “Games People Play,” and think how much shorter that song would have been if they had cell phones back in the 1960s.
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Do You Stop Working at 5:30? What? Half-Day Today? How Tech is Making us Forced Workaholics

Whenever I hear business consultants chatter at meetings — and I try to subject myself to this as little as possible – I hear the mantra over and over of “Don’t work harder, work smarter.”

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Are You Ready for Online Voting? We Are, But the Security Isn’t.

As if we don’t have enough problems with conspiracy theories and user interfaces with the electronic voting booths already in use, government is trying to develop an online voting system so we can vote from our home computers.

The system would increase voter participation almost as much as it would voter fraud, according to researchers at the University of Michigan.

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