What Are the Best Mobile Apps for Your Business? How to Do Business From the Ninth Hole

I love the smartphone commercial where the supervisor sends one of his team to the golf course because they now have the mobile apps that would allow him to run his department off-site.

Yeah, that’s something that happens every day.

But for those of you who enjoy the links, and wonder if something like that could ever truly be possible, here’s a heads-up. Did you know that according to a study by AT&T last year, about 72 percent of small businesses use mobile apps in their operations? It’s true. The telecom giant asked 2,246 small business owners what they thought of mobile apps. Here’s what they found out:
They love the GPS. In fact, nearly half (49 percent) of companies use them. Tied for a distant second place was social media marketing and document management, with 26 percent each. Other popular apps included:

Location-based services (24 percent)
Time management (23 percent)
Travel and expense tracking (22 percent)
Mobile credit card payments (20 percent).

About 62 percent of the survey respondents said mobile apps save time, while about 59 percent of them said mobile apps actually increased productivity. Another 29 percent said mobile apps save the company money, while another 11 percent said they used them “because they’re cool.”


So, as a public service, here is a list of all the coolest business apps, complete with links on where to find them — you’re welcome!

iPhone Business Apps

  • Evernote – Notes on the cloud!
  • iTeleport – Mirrors your home computer right on your phone.
  • Dropbox – Save large files on Dropbox, and access them from your phone.
  • Things – Cool task manager.
  • mbPointer – Use your iPhone as a Power Point presentation pointer. Cooool!

Android Biz Apps


  • Cashbook – Track your expenses.
  • Drop Box – Again, just for Android!
  • Alarm.com – remotely monitor your security alarm from your phone.
  • Documents to Go – You can view, edit and email Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and PDF files

Lookout – Mobile anti-virus and data backup, and if you lose your phone, you can locate it via the web.

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