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TonySuitIntense interest in the financial trends of the economy has led Tony Ciotti through three major and successful careers by the early age of 40. Throughout his 20 year history of helping companies improve their operational and financial performance, Tony has developed the keen competitive advantage of being able to help executives align pivotal corporate strategies to their tactical implementation. Tony is versed in the methodologies necessary to centralize corporate information which increases the time factor and accuracy of business decisions crucial to expansion.

Over the years Ciotti has gained the specialized understanding needed to transform organizational pain-points into solid technical solutions qualifying him to consult industry giants such as Microsoft and PricewaterhouseCoopers, yet allowing him the versatility to truly understand and work with mid-size and smaller companies. His passion is helping business owners and executives from start-ups to megacorps improve their quality of life by increasing their company prosperity.

For more information about consulting services, please contact Tony directly, or visit his consulting company at MGI Solutions.

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