bloggerMy name is Tony Ciotti and I am a Corporate Technology Strategist.  My passion is to help companies improve their performance and efficiency through the strategic use of technology.

I emphasize strategic because unfortunately over the years I have seen a lot of technology implemented for reasons that have little or nothing to do with improving performance… but rather just for the sake of implementing technology, for technology sake.

One of the reasons I see for this, is due to a lack of communication between the executives creating the strategy, the managers selecting the technology and the technical resources that are implementing the technology.

Therefore, it is my goal for this blog to attempt to bridge this communication gap by sharing viewpoints, stories and possibly case studies that illustrate the cross section of understanding that is needed by executives, managers and the technical resources to lead to more strategic implementations of technology.

This blog will talk about technology’s benefits and high level features, but will not drill down into discussions about detailed features and technical mintua.  I would like this blog to engage executives, managers and technical resources in discussions that relate to goals mentioned above.

I would like to make this blog valuable to executives that are interested in how technology can help their company raise its efficiency and increase its performance in alignment with with strategy execution and achievement of corporate goals.  We will also discuss how we can monitor the progress of these goals through dynamic reporting and analytical tools.

I would also like to make this blog valuable to the technical resources that implement these technologies to better understand the strategic reasons for the implementation from a top down perspective.

I would be very interested in hearing from each of you, what you would like to read in this blog and also welcome your comments on the blog posts.

Best Regards,

Tony Ciotti

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